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Simplify process, maximize productivity

Cost Effective & All-in-One Solution

With ZKTeco Payroll, managing Timekeeping & Payroll will no longer be time-consuming, complicated and, prone to errors.

Make the switch now and start saving time and money.

Easy Payroll Process

Now you can effortlessly manage DTR to Payslips and still have enough time to focus on other essential tasks.


Capture real-time logs and easily generate DTR


Accurately compute payroll including government contributions and export Payroll Register


Simply Download the Bank Remittance file to upload to your Bank


Finally, Email e-Payslips to your employees as scheduled

Government Compliant

The system is regularly updated and integrated with the latest government-mandated contributions, forms, and reports so you can automatically include this in your payroll computation.

Employee Management

Have easy access to keep and file employees' data and records.

Schedule Management

Create and assign different shift schedules for employee category or an individual. You may also integrate universal or local holidays into the calendar.

Web-Based System

This web-based system provides you with a seamless integration where employees may file and access their profiles and modules anywhere and anytime.

Real-Time Reports

Easily export reports and draw insights based on various ranges and scope of data.

Device Synchronization

You may connect an unlimited number of devices for real-time entries, transactions, and monitoring. You may also remotely sync devices.

Employee Self-Service

Easily submit an application.

Official Business

Manage Official Business Application


Manage Leave Application

Change of Shift

Easily Change Shift Application


Manage Overtime Application

Time Correction

Manage Time Correction Application

Because we know what's best for you, we got you our latest Mobile Application that makes your Attendance Transaction more convenient.

A Mobile Application that gives you the Peace of Mind in Clocking IN and OUT, even outside the company premises.

Specially Made for ZKTeco Payroll.


No need to Register, just login using your ZKTeco Payroll Account, and you're good to go!


Easy Access to Clock IN and OUT while viewing your previous transactions.


View all the records of all the transactions in different locations and devices

Log Details

View the full details of each transaction, including the location where the transaction has been made


Giving you a flexible selection of different Time and Date formats!


Clock In & Out, View Pay Slip in App

Ideal for employees on the field and Work from Home scenario, clocking in and out just using their mobile phones and Admin seeing the logs in real time with geo location tags are one of the useful features of ZKPayroll.

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Cloud-Based, Real-Time, Biometric-Based, Time, Attendance and Payroll System developed by ZKTeco Philippines for the Philippine Market.

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